Curriculum Vitae

Academic History

Master of Science,

Learning Science and Technology

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2018

Master of Science,


University of Rhode Island, 2007

Air-sea scalar flux due to wind-generated near-surface turbulent eddies: The Eddy Renewal Model

Major Topics: Data Mining, Educational Studies, Content Creation, User Interface Design

Professor: Neil Heffernan

Major Topics: Infrared video analysis of surface patterns to discern subsurface movement

Professor: Tetsu Hara

Bachelor of Arts,


Carnegie Mellon University, 2000

Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic

Community College of Allegheny County, 2000

PA Licence 120252

Major Topics: Organic and Inorganic Chemistry; German Language; Business Administration

Program Valedictorian

Professional Experience

Van Levy RPG Consultants -

Oxford MA, Current

Web Developer

This website features a secure registration and login system. Primarily, allows role-playing gamers who use the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars or Genesys dice systems to have an online location to roll virtual dice. The FFG systems use non-numerical dice with different sets of cancelling faces; this requires the dice roller (and the players) being able to see the individual faces that are rolled, as well as to be able to add up conflicting faces and determine the number of uncancelled faces. Taking advantage of Django's authentication system, users create accounts to keep track of their actions in site. (E.g. creation of virtual rooms where users interact, dice rolls, communications with other players, management of account details & characters, etc.)

Primary duties:

    • Chief Web Developer
    • User Interface Design

Primary Accomplishments: Working with the Chief Database Architect, we designed and developed This website uses the Django framework (for Python) and PostGreSQL on the backend. For uniformity across the website, design elements utilize Bootstrap. Asynchronization happens through JavaScript (incorporating jQuery). We are hosting on Amazon Web Services.

GitHub Repository

Franklin High School

Franklin MA, 2016 to 2018

High School Science Teacher

Subjects Taught, Years and Levels:

    • AP Physics 1 (2 years; Advanced Placement)
    • Physics (1 year; Honors and College Prep)
    • Honors Chemistry (2 years)
    • FAA Chemistry (1 year; "Open Honors")

Primary Accomplishments: Created and developed the curriculum for AP Physics 1; after the first year, students (as a group) scored above the national average; after the second year, students (as a group) scored in the top third.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester MA, 2015 to 2016, full time; 2014 to 2015, part-time

Graduate Student Researcher

Member of the ASSISTments Team

Research Topics:

    • Educational Data Science (specializing in modeling student learning)
    • Content Development for Intelligent Tutoring System (specializing in science)

Primary Accomplishments: Developed and expanded the high school science content in ASSISTments. Collaborated with WPI faculty and students (as well as faculty and students from other universities) on research projects; created the documentation for designing research experiments within the ASSISTments system. For examples of content, content delivery, and experiment design, please see Education Related Websites.

Douglas High School

Douglas MA, 2001 to 2015

(except 2005-2006, see Graduate Research Assistant - Oceanography below)

High School Science Teacher

Subjects Taught, Years and Levels:

    • Chemistry (13 years; Honors, College-Prep, and Descriptive Chemistry and Advanced Placement Chemistry II)
    • AP ES Challenge (4 years; this is a special three-week intense training for AP Chemistry students who also want to take the AP Environmental Science test).
    • Physics (4 years; Honors and Advanced Placement, Calculus-Based Mechanics)
    • Earth Science (3 years; College Prep and General)
    • Environmental Science (2 years; College Prep)
    • Biology (1 year; College Prep)

Primary Accomplishments: Started with a program that included only two sections of "Chemistry", developed the program to include five (or more) sections per year, offering four different levels: Descriptive, College-Prep, & Honors Chemistry I and Advanced Placement Chemistry II.

High School Science Department Chair

2008 to 2014

Primary Accomplishment: Led the Science Department through the reorganization of science classes / pathways for students to maximize both passing rates on MCAS testing and enrollment and success in Advanced Placement Courses.

Massachusetts Math and Science Initiative

(Now Mass Insight) Boston MA, 2011 to 2013

Lead AP Teacher

Organized Saturday Study Sessions for groups of 200 AP science students. Lead Vertical Team meetings with science teachers from 4 districts spanning grades 5-12. Maintained records of teachers, session instructors, and student presence. Conducted Saturday session to help AP Chemistry students (my own and others) better prepare for the exam.

University of Rhode Island

Narragansett RI (Bay Campus), 2005-2006

Graduate Research Assistant

Collaborated with Professor Tetsu Hara (PhD) on air-sea interface research; ran computer simulations of sea-surface temperature; compiled and backed-up sonar, temperature, and salinity data from local experiments.

Steel Valley Ambulance Service

Homestead PA, 2000-2001


Provided patient care and emergency services as member and leader of a two person mobile Advanced Life Support unit; communicated in real time with medical doctors about patient status and treatment.

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh PA, 1996-1999

Research Assistant

Collaborated with Professor Richard McCullough (PhD) and graduate students; conducted research into synthesis and properties of regio-regular poly-3-akyl-thiophenes.

Philmont Scout Ranch, BSA

Cimarron NM, 1997


Trained youth and adult leaders in Leave-No-Trace camping, wilderness survival, and backcountry etiquette. Supervised crews of 10-16 people during their first days on trail, before solo-hiking back to the main camp. Participated in Search and Rescue missions as needed.


Please see Research and Publications.