Gaming Apps

My first full-stack deployed website is VanLevy is a dice roller website that allows users to create a free account to play RPG games remotely with friends. Specifically, there are dice rollers for FFG's Edge of the Empire and Genesys systems, as well as a roller for Modiphius's Mutant Year Zero, and a roller for standard polyhedral dice. Players can also upload PDF character sheets to have on hand while they game. lives on an AWS machine, uses the Django framework for Python (and some PostgreSQL) for the backend, with HTML and JavaScript on the server-side. Helping me with design is the Bootstrap library of CSS sheets.

The Kobold Easy Char is an add-on for Google Sheets that allows players to generate an endless supply of Kobolds to play in their Kobolds Ate My Baby sessions. "Why would you need an endless supply of Kobolds?", you may ask. And I may answer, "you've never played Kobolds Ate My Baby, have you?" KAMB is a hilarious game of baby-stealing, shenanigans, Kobolds, and the Trouble Kobolds get up to (and cause). The rules are simple, and so are Kobolds. Players are encouraged to shout, pantomime, make jokes, and get their Kobolds killed. In a typical session, each player may see two or three Kobolds die in hilarious and unexpected ways.

Why would you play this? Because it's fun! Why would a Kobold cause trouble and/or get killed? Ask King Torg. ALL HAIL KING TORG! (In case you can't tell, this is a very irreverent game, but also TONS of fun!)